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Cicada is a Free and Open Source platform for running software automation workflows.

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on git.push where event.branch is "main" cache node_modules using hashOf("package-lock.json") shell npm install shell npm run test
Why Cicada?

Use A Real Programming Language

on git.push fn test(compiler): env.CC = compiler echo Testing (compiler) shell make clean all let compilers = ["gcc", "clang"] for compiler in compilers: test(compiler)

You deserve better then YAML.

With Cicada, write infrastructure as code using a programming language specifically designed for automation workflows.

Say goodbye to Bash/Python scripts!

Security Made Easy, Not Painful

Cicada makes writing secure workflows a breeze

Prevents Command Injection Expressions passed to commands are autotomatically escaped. let name = "; rm -rf /" echo Hello, (name) Output: Hello, ; rm -rf /
Doesn't Expose Secrets By default, secrets are not exposed as environment variables. echo TOKEN: (secret.TOKEN) echo TOKEN: $TOKEN Output: TOKEN: SUPER_SECRET TOKEN:
Strict Permissions By default, workflows have read only access to code and nothing else. git tag -a v1.2.3 -m "Malicious Tag" git push v1.2.3 Output: remote: Write access to repository not granted.

Batteries Included

Caching Secrets Variables Expressions Functions If Statements Type Checking Concurrent Workflows Custom Images Email Notifications Full Color Terminal Self Hosted Runners


Self Host

Self host on-prem for free, forever

  • Unlimited workflows and users
  • SSO via GitHub
  • Community support

$100/month ($90/month billed annually)

  • Cloud hosted, zero maintenance
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited secrets
  • 2,000 workflow minutes/month
  • 2GB of cache/month
  • Feature request priority
  • Customer support

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