Event Types

Here is a short run-down of the available triggers and their field types:

All Events

Every event has the following fields:

sha: The SHA of the commit that this workflow is running for.

provider: The Git provider we are running for (either github or gitlab).

repository_url: The URL of the repository that the workflow is running for.

default_branch: The default branch of the repository.


author: GitHub/Gitlab username of the commit author, or unit (()) if a username can't be collelated (ie, bots).

message: The commit message of the most recent commit that was pushed.

committed_on: An ISO 8601 datetime of when the commit was authored.

ref: The full git ref pointing to the commit (ie, /refs/heads/main).

branch: The short-name of the branch which was pushed to (ie, main).


id: Platform-dependant ID for the issue.

title: Title of the issue.

submitted_by: Username of the user who opened the issue.

is_locked: Whether or not the issue is locked.

opened_at: ISO 8601 datetime of when the issue was opened.

body: Body of the issue.


Everything in issue.open, and:

opened_at: ISO 8601 datetime of when the issue was closed.