The for Statement

The for statement allows you to repeat a block of code with with a given value:

for name in ["alice", "bob"]:
  echo hello, (name)!

Currently you can only use list types. Using non-list types is an error:

for x in 1:  # error: expected list type
  echo x

For statements are technically expressions, though they only return the unit type (()). This may change in the future.

Like in other programming languages, you can use break and continue to change the control flow of your program. break will break out of the loop, and continue will skip the rest of the loop and start the next iteration:

for num in [5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0, -1]:
  if num is 0:

  if num mod 2 is 1:

  echo (num) is even and non-zero